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Bodybuilding Anatomy
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Bodybuilding Anatomy. This work is aimed at bodybuilders, strength training enthusiasts and as a
reference for fitness professionals. It is a new addition to the best-selling «Anatomy» series.
The original text «Strength Training Anatomy», has sold over 500,000 copies
worldwide and has been translated into over 20 languages.

Bodybuilding Anatomy. This book has enough detail for any serious strength training enthusiast, with
training for specific body image goals and key emphasis on technique to avoid injury.
It is a combination of top medical and anatomical knowledge with 280 illustrations
to guide the reader. Organised by muscle group, each body part is subdivided into
muscle target zones allowing the reader to select the specific exercises they need to
emphasise hard-to-hit target spots in their physique. Each chapter includes detailed
variations on modifying grip, body position, exercise trajectory and range of motion
in order to emphasise different muscle groups.

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