Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine (Inglés)

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Professional sports is a huge industry, with much riding on the knees of even a single football player. But the playing fields are also filled with an abundance of ′weekend warriors′ who value their own knees no less, and with increased participation in sports and exercise programmes, in general, comes increased risk of injury. Sports medicine is relevant not only to collegiate and professional athletes and the health professionals who treat and advise them, but also to parents and their children, amateur athletes and aging people maintaining a fitness regime.

These four volumes present state-of-the-art research and evidence-based applications.

The work is broad ranging, covering all aspects of sports medicine with perspectives from the medical, behavioural, and social sciences and physical education.

From A-to-Z, this work covers the spectrum with entries included from such areas as body systems, regional injuries (craniofacial, shoulder, knee and so on), special populations (female, pediatric, older athletes), sport-specific injuries, rehabilitation, nutrition, substance use and abuse, sports psychology, the team physician and more.