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I am more than happy to announce that my first book HIIT Manual: High Intensity Interval Training and Agile Periodization is finally available at Ultimate Athlete Concepts website and Amazon.com. The book will be available only in paperback version.

Members of Complementary Training had the opportunity to be the first ones to read the draft version of this book through a series of articles. In addition, they were able to download the following two tools – HIT Builder and Shuttle Run Beep Test, that make testing and prescribing HIT drills a breeze.

I would like to thank all of you for your suggestions and comments. Your feedback have contributed for this book being as it is!


The book summary:

In the field of Strength & Conditioning, coaches are always striving to help their athletes display their skills at the highest level with as little drop-off as possible throughout a contest. From the outside looking in, the solution to getting an athlete “in shape” may seem simple. However, this has been one of the most contentious problems in athletics for some time. Mladen Jovanović provides practical, scientific solutions for this issue in his new manual for high intensity interval training.

The HIIT Manual is organized in two main sections: HIIT basics and HIIT planning.

HIIT basics covers the following major points:

  • Understanding the “Endurance Map” and terminology
  • Equipment that is needed to test and prescribe HIT conditioning
  • Understanding the “Velocity Profile”
  • Estimations of key HIIT parameters, that are needed for prescription and profiling
  • Prescription of the HIIT conditioning, corrections using start loss and COD loss, as well as grouping of athletes
  • Different HIIT drills – long intervals, short intervals and tempo, sprint interval training, repeat sprint training, and intermittent recovery

The planning part of the HIIT manual outlines the basis of Agile Periodization, which is a framework of approaching planning from an uncertainty perspective. HIIT planning covers:

  • Understanding uncertainties involved in training planning and realization
  • Three levels and types of analysis: phenomenological, mechanistical, and physiological
  • Answering “what should be done” and “when should it be done” using simple heuristics
  • Top-up approach to planning HIIT conditioning
  • Example of off-season and pre-season HIIT conditioning program

Understanding the above will empower you in selecting, designing and planning HIIT conditioning for both individual and team sports.

If you are interested to read sample of the HIIT Manual, you can do so HERE.